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Now in its third year, Apple's iPod Touch has evolved so many features and uses beyond media playback that we're not really sure what to call it anymore. Some flock to the Touch for its first-class mobile Web browser and e-mail support, while others see it primarily as a portable gaming device,[...]
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Samsung Galaxy Player 4 sports same as Samsung Galaxy S phone, except the calling facility same as that of iPod Touch 4G to iPhone 4. The specifications are really close to iPod Touch 4 and in some cases better than it, have quick look on specs, Cortex A8 1GHz processor Android 2.2 (Froyo),[...]
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I have used an iPhone for going on two years and I don't see that changing for quite awhile, but I was always leery of the iPad because I always thought it was just a big iPod Touch, with a better screen. Well I started to look for a tablet about 5 months ago, and thought for sure, after the[...]
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If you find yourself dazzled by the Web, video, and music capabilities of Apple's iPhone but can't stomach the contract commitment, the iPod Touch might be just what you're looking for. Offered in 8GB ($299), 16GB ($399), and 32GB ($499) capacities, the iPod Touch is a premium-priced device[...]
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Towermadness is a Strategy based game for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. You set up towers in a ultimate 3D world to defender your poor sheep from the invading aliens. With many different maps, aliens, and towers, this game is sure to please. There are many maps to choose from and towers to[...]
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Apple's latest version of the iPod Touch hasn't changed dramatically from the version first introduced in 2007, but the rest of the tech world has. It's now the age of the "app," the iPad, and smartphones both big and small. The iPod Touch shouldn't apologize for being Apple's "iPhone without a[...]
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The AirView is a free iPhone app from AirPlay. This app transforms your iOS device into an AirPlay video receiver. You can use the AirView application to watch AirPlay video streams from another iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad running iOS 4.2) on the same local network as yours, or from[...]
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One of the most overlooked features in any laptop, iPad, smartphone, or iPod Touch is Bluetooth music streaming. Sure, everybody loves the idea of music without wires, but in reality stereo headsets are often awkward, and Bluetooth speakers typically sound wimpy. Enter Jambox--a rechargeable[...]
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As the less-gifted sibling of Apple's celebrated iPhone, the iPod Touch has had to work hard to prove itself. Now in its second generation, Apple has finally given the iPod Touch a chance to shine by lowering its price (an 8GB model now runs $229), improving the hardware, and practically[...]
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As the iPhone/iPod audio docking systems move into a more mature phase, Creative is hitching its wagon to Bluetooth in its bid to differentiate itself in this crowded category. Bluetooth compatibility allows the wide range of A2DP devices--which includes iPhones, iPads, recent iPod Touch[...]
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