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Product Description Quality and style combined into one essential kitchen appliance. Hamilton Beach blenders are built to last and backed up with a 3-year limited warranty. The patent-pending Wave~Action System ensures smooth drinks every time, and each blender is designed with convenience and[...]
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The Lowel Blender LED Fixture (120V) throws an entirely new light on the problems of shooting in mixed-light environments. The Blender makes it possible to fine-tune your lights to match (or contrast with) whatever light you're grappling with. With twin arrays of daylight and tungsten LEDs in[...]
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Product Description Powerful and durable, the Crush Master blender is equipped with a stainless steel all-metal blade shaft to deliver superior performance for everything you blend, chop and puree.
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With sleek modern styling and a powerful 450-watt motor, this efficient countertop blender works great for whipping up fruit smoothies, mixing frozen margaritas, blending pureed soups, stirring up zesty salsas, and more. Simply add ingredients to the large 5-cup scratch-resistant glass jar,[...]
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The Fender Blender is a vintage guitar effects pedal (now reissued by Fender) that features a combination of octave and fuzz. Parameters include Sustain control, to modify the length of the notes, Tone control, shifting from low frequencies at "1" to highs at "10," Blend control to modify the mix of clean and processed signal and finally, a[...]
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Product Description Make healthy and delicious drinks such as smoothies, protein shakes, milk shakes and more with elite by Maxi-Matic's 17-piece personal blender. Includes 4 tall-cups with lids and foam grips, 2 blade assemblies, 1 tall blending-cup, 1 small grinding-cup and push button motor[...]
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Product Description With the 200-watt Hamilton Beach hand-held blender, there’s no need to get out a heavy mixer and bowl. Drinks can be blended right in the glass, soups pureed in the pot, and cream whipped in a portable bowl. Great for quickly blending small amounts and perfect for[...]
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Product Description In sociology, there is the concept known as "defining the context of a situation." It deals with how humans blend and integrate (or not) in societies or social situations. Several contexts need to be met and satisfied. The Ninja XL Blender NJ600 easily mixes kitchen[...]
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Whether setting up house for the first time or looking to add versatility to an already busy kitchen, this 12-piece high-speed mixing system provides exceptional convenience. The set includes a power base and two stainless-steel cutting blades (one flat, one cross); two blender cups (tall and[...]
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Product Description The versatile stick design of the Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender lets users blend ingredients right in pots, pitchers, bowls, or the clear plastic beaker that’s included. A powerful 200-watt motor operates with an easy one-touch control. Blends drinks, purées soup,[...]
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