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Windows XP Media Center Edition is an expanded version of Windows XP Professional that is centered around the Windows Media Center application. This comprehensive system is responsible for managing and playing all of the media content that is stored on any storage devices that are connected to the computer, either directly or over a network.[...]
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Windows XP Home edition is the standard version of XP intended for everday people to use in their homes. The Home edition is relatively full featured when compared to the more expensive Professional and Media Center editions that are intended for business and home theater uses respectively. Summary Pluses: Has one of the most flexible and[...]
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Windows XP is a line of operating systems developed by Microsoft for use on general-purpose computer systems, including home and business desktops, notebook computers, and media centers. The letters "XP" stand for eXPerience. It was codenamed "Whistler", after Whistler, British Columbia, as[...]
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XP Pro is the the business targeted flavor of XP and contains many features that make working in a corporate environment more convenient and secure. The features are weighted towards expanded networking abilities, user profiles, and operating system maintenance. Two of the biggest additions to Pro over Home are the Remote Desktop functionality[...]
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Windows Messenger is a proprietary instant messaging client included in Microsoft's Windows XP operating system. It is also available for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003, beginning with version 5, but is not included in Windows Vista. Windows Messenger should not be confused with the similarly-named Windows Live Messenger (formerly known[...]
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Windows Live Messenger (WLM), still commonly referred to by the previous name of MSN Messenger (MSN for short), is an instant messaging client for Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Mobile, first released on December 13, 2005 by Microsoft. It is part of Microsoft's Windows Live set of online services. The current[...]
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Windows Server 2003 is based off of the same core technology as Windows XP and formed the basis for a wide variety of Server systems released by Microsoft. You can think of Server 2K3 as Windows XP expanded to provide the services and functionality required by a server infrastructure. There are[...]
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Windows 7 is more than what Vista should have been, it's where Microsoft needed to go. How much damage Vista did and whether Windows 7 is enough for people to finally abandon Windows XP are questions that nobody has the answers to right now. Summary: Plus: Strong design and Microsoft don't[...]
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It was more than five years ago that Microsoft released Windows XP, and on January 30th, 2007 Microsoft is launching Vista, the latest operating system in the Windows family. The most notable improvement is the development of Windows Aero (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open); a new[...]
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From Wikipedia: Similar to Windows XP Home Edition, Home Basic is intended for budget users not requiring advanced media support for home use. The Windows Aero theme with translucent effects will not be included with this edition. 64-bit Home Basic will support up to 8 GB of physical memory, and will be supported until 2012.
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