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WMP (Windows Media Player) is Microsoft's offering for media playback. WMP is able to acquire (download) codecs as needed, and plays back most Audio & Video sources.The software is flexible and has all the features you would expect from a large company offering with very little limitations in its functionality. WMP also works with online music[...]
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Media Player Classic (MPC) is a compact free software media player for Microsoft Windows. The application mimics the look and feel of the old, light-weight Windows Media Player 6.4 and uses a completely different codebase, integrating many options and features found in modern media players. Media Player Classic was created and is currently[...]
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We love almost everything about this beautifully designed player, but the battery life could be longer. Summary: Plus: Best-of-breed design and interface; excellent playlist features; clean, configurable sound; smooth syncing with both Windows PCs and Macs via iTunes; organizes contacts;[...]
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Windows Mobile 5.0, originally codenamed "Magneto", was released at Microsoft's Mobile and Embedded Developers Conference 2005 in Las Vegas, May 9–May 12, 2005. It features support for persistent storage such as flash memory, Microsoft Exchange Server push functionality, OS update support through "adaptation kit upgrades", Windows Media Player[...]
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The Window G85HD is a portable media player (PMP) exclusive to China. It features a simple all-white design with a chassis supposedly constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. The touchscreen display is 4.3" (800x480) but offers 720p video playback; plus tests report that it is very[...]
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XBMC Media Center (XBMC), formerly Xbox Media Center, is a media player application for the original Microsoft Xbox, and recently Intel Mac's, Windows, and Linux. XBMC can play video, music, and photo content from the disk drive, hard drive, USB drive, and, most significantly, from a networked computer. Streaming media content from a computer[...]
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The DivX player is specifically designed to work with DivX, DivX Advanced, and DivX Ultra video files.It allows for burning of DivX media for certified players, including the new rental Divx by download for registered players (built in profiles) using windows ASPI or Goldenhawk disk access. The player will work with most video formats with few[...]
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The Logitech Wireless DJ allows you to easily stream your digital music collection to anywhere in your home using a receiver base station and a sleek remote. The system can play your music through iTunes or Windows Media Player. The remote features a backlit LCD display allowing you to navigate your music library and see what is currently[...]
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The Dell Axim X50v is filled to the brim with PIM and entertainment features; unfortunately, it suffers from subpar performance. Summary: Plus: Large VGA screen; great graphics; included gaming bundle; Windows Media Player 10.0 Mobile; fast processor and ample memory; integrated Wi-Fi and[...]
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The Reycom REC100 is a media player / set-top box based on the Windows Embedded Standard 7, and featuring the Windows 7 Media Center user interface. It features an Intel CPU, an Nvidia graphics chip, a built-in DVD R/W player, and integrated 10/100 Ethernet connectivity. There are also two ATSC[...]
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