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The Dingoo A320 is a portable gaming console that emulates vintage/retro gaming consoles, plays videos and music, show pictures, RUNS LINUX!, reads Ebooks, has a radio, and much, much more! Emulated Consoles: (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA) Emulated Arcade Games: (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA) Supported Video Codecs: (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA) Supported Audio Codecs:[...]
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Safelink Wireless is a cellphone carrier providing a free cell phone for low income eligible families. One  free cell phone is offered per family. According to Wikipedia ( the application can be filled out online via the Safelink[...]
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Military loan is a loan offered to veterans. With a military loan, a person can purchase a home, a car and much more.According to Wikipedia ( The VA loan was created to offer long-term financing to eligible American Veterans or their[...]
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A Payday Loan is a short-term loan. According to Wikipedia (  Payday advance loans rely on the consumer having previous payroll and employment records. Legislation regarding payday loans varies widely between different countries and, within the USA,[...]
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From Wikipedia: This edition combines all the features of the Home Premium and Enterprise editions, a game performance tweaker (WinSAT), and "Ultimate Extras". On January 7, 2007, at CES, Microsoft began to announce what some of these Ultimate Extras will be. When Vista launches to consumers on January 30, Microsoft will immediately make the[...]
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From Wikipedia: Similar to Windows XP Home Edition, Home Basic is intended for budget users not requiring advanced media support for home use. The Windows Aero theme with translucent effects will not be included with this edition. 64-bit Home Basic will support up to 8 GB of physical memory, and will be supported until 2012.
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The OpenMoko WikiReader is a portable device on which every Wikipedia entry is readable. It features a sunlight-readable touchscreen for typing and scrolling and physical buttons for search, history, and 'random' functions. Users can subscribe to biannual updates in memory card form for an[...]
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From Wikipedia: Containing all features from Home Basic, this edition will also support more advanced features aimed for the home market segment, such as HDTV support and DVD authoring. Extra premium games, mobile and tablet PC, network projector, touchscreen, and auxiliary display (via Windows[...]
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Uncyclopedia, "the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit", was founded in 2005 as an English-language wiki featuring satirically themed articles. It is formatted as a parody of Wikipedia and aims ultimately to parody all encyclopedic subjects. Originally an English-language wiki, the project currently spans over 50 languages with[...]
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Taken from Wikipedia: The Power Glove (1989) is a controller accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System designed by the team of Grant Goddard and Sam Davis for Abrams/Gentile Entertainment, made by Mattel in the United States and PAX in Japan. Though it was an officially licensed product, Nintendo was not involved in the design or release[...]
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