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Audio Mixer: Nigel Godrich.On a busman's holiday from Supergrass, Gaz Coombes and Danny Goffey kick out the cover jams as the Hotrats. The very presence of Nigel Godrich, producer of Radiohead and Beck, is a pretty good tip-off that their 2010 album, Turn Ons, isn't quite the straight-ahead[...]
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Toto's third album, Turn Back, was a bit of a disappointment. The group's ability to turn out highly competent studio rock was not translating into an individual sound, and since Turn Back had few memorable songs on it, one was left with little but those famous chops that Toto possessed in[...]
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After two albums' worth of Paul Simon-influenced singer/songwriter pop, Swedish singer/songwriter Tobias Fr¿berg goes for the fakeout on the first quarter of Turn Heads, delivering the manic indie pop bliss of the hyper "Blissful" and the nearly as breathless bass-driven thrust of "Slipping[...]
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After waiting 55 years to record his first album, On S'Aime is the third in five years from French actor-turned-singer G¿rard Darmon. The 2008 follow-up to Dancing features songs written with Parisian balladeer Mark Lavoine and Marc Esposito, and includes collaborations with singer/pianist[...]
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Referred to by some as the "Cadillac" of knee scooters, the TLC provides stability, mobility, and freedom to those unable to bear weight on their foot or ankle due to injury, surgery, or wound. This next generation of crutch alternative knee scooters from RAMM TLC, LLC (Evert, WA) the[...]
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The easiest to use, door to door directions finder available for your PDA or smart phone. Get point to point driving directions within major US metros. Instantly calculate turn by turn text or graphic directions right on your device, no connectivity required. Free unlimited access to download[...]
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The Lite-On eZAU422 is the top DVD/CD writer in Lite-On's E series. Once connected by USB 2.0, it writes/reads single- and dual-layered DVDs at up to 24x. Plus, it introduces Lite-On's EZ-DUB, a patented feature that turns disc-copying and data-backups into a simple 3-step process (see below[...]
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The Samsung Galaxy Prevail marries sophistication with good value to become Boost Mobile's best smartphone. Summary: Plus: The Samsung Galaxy Prevail has an elegant design and a surprisingly decent camera. It's eligible for Boost Mobile's reduced-rate plan. Minus: Boost Mobile turned off the[...]
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The Sennheiser SKP 100 G3 adapts G3 wireless technology to a wired world. Imagine taking a wired microphone and turning it into a wireless simply by plugging in the SKP 100 G3 to it's XLR port. Maybe you would like to send a signal from a mixing console to a Sennheiser evolution G3 receiver[...]
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This 'candle' is actually an LED light that simulates the feel of candlelight through a flickering effect. The candle body is made from plastic but is covered with a waxy coating to give it more of a realistic candle-like feel. These candles are similar to the Flameless Wax Candle with one major difference - they actually turn off when you[...]
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