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This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.Personnel includes: Sarah Heinke (Strawberry Shortcake); Katie Labosky (Apple Dumplin); DeJare Barfield (Orange Blossom); Samantha Triba (Ginger Snap).Personnel: Sarah Heinke, DeJare Barfield, Samantha Triba, Hannah Koslosky, Rachel Ware , Daniel[...]
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Full performer name: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band.Paul Butterfield Blues Band: Paul Butterfield (vocals, harmonica); Elvin Bishop, Mike Bloomfield (guitar); David Sanborn (alto saxophone); Gene Dinwiddie (tenor saxophone); Keith Johnson (trumpet); Mark Naftalin (keyboards); Jerome Arnold, Bugsy Maugh (bass); Billy Davenport, Phillip Wilson[...]
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Jess Klein.Personnel: Jess Klein; Marc Copely (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, percussion); Scott Jacoby (Wurlitzer piano, Hammond b-3 organ, Wurlitzer organ); Winston Roye, WhyNot Jansveld (bass instrument); Ethan Eubanks, Joe Magistro (drums).Recording information: Joe Music Shop.Author: Jess Klein.On her third album (actually her fifth,[...]
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Strawberry Shortcake - The Sweet Dreams Game takes you on a new journey with the sweet and helpful Strawberry Shortcake. She loves spending time with and her good friends: Angel Cake, Ginger Snap, Orange Blossom, Raspberry Torte and Lemon Meringue. Lately some of her friends have not been able[...]
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STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE Strawberry Shortcake Corded Telephone with Caller ID SS210 Model: ss210 Sequential Flashing/ Chasing Lights for Incoming Calls 64 Name and Number Memory for Caller ID Caller ID Call Back 10 Memory Dialing New Call Indicator Selectable Display Language Receiver Volume[...]
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Fanta Strawberry is an artificially flavored carbonated beverage made by Fanta. Summary Pluses: Interesting flavor- not many other Strawberry pops. Caffeine Free. Minuses: Hard to find- not as popular as other flavors. Doesn't really taste like Strawberries. Too Sweet.
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Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness is widely available since it's so popular. In recent years fast food establishments have began carrying it as one of their fountain beverages available. Summary Pluses: Pretty cheap- can purchase in bulk for a decent price. Unique flavor- can really taste the strawberries. Available now at McDonald's and[...]
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Sakar ViviCam 7028 7 Megapixel Compact Camera-7.45 mm - Strawberry V7028STRAW 31 Features: The Vivitar ViviCam iTwist V7028 Digital Camera - Strawberry contains a 7.1 megapixel chip, and the fixed lens has a 4x digital zoom. With the 1.8" flip screen you can compose your photos from both high[...]
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This is a specialty-made product that is ideal for one type of use - removing tops off of strawberries. The huller works by plunging into the strawberry from the top (where the leaves and hull are), once you've pierced the whole center, you simply pull back and along with the huller comes the hull itself. Although it could be argued that[...]
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This adorable Strawberry Tea Kettle by Copco is the perfect way to add a splash of color to your kitchen. It holds 2.5 quarts and features a harmonic whistle.
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