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As the desire for real tube tone continues to grow among guitarists, Yorkville responds to the demand by re-introducing Canadian-made Traynor Tube Amplifiers! Made famous in the 60s and 70s, Traynor Tube Amps were a hit among both professional and hobby guitarists, and were known for their[...]
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The Fatman iTube Red-I with Speakers is a high-quality all-in-one audio system for use with iPods, CDs, and portable media players. It utilizes hybrid vacuum tube amplification technology and sonically matched speakers. Basically, the amplifier & dock are built onto a single-piece chassis,[...]
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355nm (UV) 405nm (violet) 488nm (blue) 635nm (red) Manual (5mL tubes) 96/384 well plates (HTS option) OS: Windows XP Instrument software: Diva Excitation options355nm (UV)405nm (violet)488nm (blue)635nm (red)Sample Handling OptionsManual (5mL tubes)96/384 well plates (HTS option)Software and[...]
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405nm (violet) 488nm (blue) 642nm (red) 405nm - 2 fluorescent parameters 488nm - 5 fluorescent parameters, 2 scatter 642nm - 2 fluorescent parameters Manual - 5mL tubes 96/384 well plates (optional HyperCyt upgrade) Available excitation sources405nm (violet)488nm (blue)642nm (red)Parameters[...]
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• Includes Tube Top with Satin Bow and Built-In Fur Trimmed Hooded Jacket and Fur Trimmed Skirt. • Fabric: 85% Nylon with 15% Spandex • Color: Red/White • Brand: Roma
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The Haro X16 is an extremely lightweight bike weighing only 25.75 pounds. It comes in two different color options - bright red and double platinum. The bike itself is built with a 16/4" top tube X series frame and comes with a cable detangler and one set of steel pegs. It is designed for[...]
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The DR-320DPV is a midrange PC headset from Sony. Available in gold, red, blue, and black, the 320DPV is similar to the 310DPV in itsopen-air design, but is almost twice as heavy, partly due to a larger headband. The 320DPV is also more targeted to gamers, adding a detachable voice tube which[...]
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The Trek Speed Concept 9.5 is a top of the linetriathalon speed bike that is intended for the professional rider. This Trek bike comes with a Kammtail Virtual Foil tube design frame which is lighter and stiffer than the more traditional designs. The frame is composed of OCLV2 red carbon, for[...]
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The Most Popular Holiday Lighting Kit- Red 150Ft 2-Wires LED Rope Light are versatile and nearly limitless in use for both residential and commercial lighting projects. Sub-miniature bulbs encased in PVC tubing which is with enhanced durability and flexibility to bend into shapes. 2-Wires[...]
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