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From the site: "Paint.NET is free image and photo editing software for computers that run Windows. It features an intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. An active and growing online community provides friendly help, tutorials, and[...]
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Instructions: ?Use for T-REX 700E. Specification: ?GF painted canopy x 1 ?Canopy nut x 4(?2.7x?7x?11x2.5mm) ?Canopy protector x 4 ?R4 pin x 4
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Personnel: Mark Rownd (keyboards, Taos & slit drums, shakers, rattles, cabasa, gourd, samples); Darcy Rownd (vocals); Bob Beiner (bass); Deborah Martin (shaker).Recorded at Spotted Paccary Studios, Encinitas, California.Mark Rownd.Personnel: Deborah Martin (shaker).Recording information: Spotted Peccary Studios, Encinita, CA.Photographer: Mark[...]
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Personnel includes: Eric Bibb (vocals, acoustic & electric guitars); Wilson Pickett (vocals); Colin Lindon (acoustic guitar); Chuck Anthony, Richard Studholme (guitar); Robbie McIntosh (slide guitar); Christer Lyssarides (slide guitar, dobro); Steve Simpson, Hans Theessink (mandolin); Janne Petersson (accordion, piano, Fender Rhodes piano,[...]
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In its third wave of popularity, the term "psychedelic" has expanded to the point of near-meaninglessness, but Greg Ashley (the Gris Gris, the Mirrors) plays music that typifies one pure flavor of psychedelia that resides in the same haunted headspace as Syd, Roky, and a handful of other[...]
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Personnel: Joe Bourdet (vocals, guitar, slide guitar); Josh Schwartz (vocals, guitar, organ, percussion); Richard Gowen (vocals, drums, percussion); Jon Leahy (vocals); Kenny Woods (Wurlitzer organ).Audio Mixer: Kenny Woods.Recording information: Bright St.; Space Shed Studios, Los Angeles,[...]
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Personnel: Rick Culver (trombone); Jeff Kressler (piano); Dan Kolton (bass).Recorded at Solid Sound Studios, Ann Arbor, Michigan on January 30 & 31, 2000.Rick Culver.Personnel: Jeff Kressler (piano).Recording information: Solid Sound Studios, Ann Arbor, MI (01/30/2000/01/31/2000).Author: Rick Culver.Arranger: Rick Culver.For his maiden album,[...]
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Abbey Lincoln; Archie Shepp.Personnel: Roy Burrowes (trumpet); Hilton Ruiz (piano); Freddie Waits (drums).Recording information: Star's Music Studio, Paris (05/30/1987).Abbey Lincoln was in her late fifties at the time of this 1987 session in Paris, but she was showing little wear on her voice,[...]
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Tunnels: Percy Jones (leader, fretless bass); Marc Wagnon (vibraphone); Van Manakas (guitar); Frank Katz (drums).Additional personnel: Sarah Pillow (vocals).Recorded at Bucky Ball Music Studio and Big House Studio, New York, New York.Personnel: Sarah Pillow (vocals); Van Manakas (guitar); Percy Jones (fretless bass); Frank Katz[...]
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