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As with many things in life, expectations play a big part in whether you'll like the Olympus SP-600UZ. The two main attractions are its wide-angle lens with 15x zoom and its price; it can easily be found for less than $200. The rest of its features, which include one-press recording of 720p HD[...]
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When a major label was releasing as many titles as Atlantic during the late '80s and early '90s, some decent CDs were bound to fall between the corporate cracks. In 1991, one example was Big Town, which showed the underexposed Ashley Cleveland to be a passionate, appealing rocker with soul influences. The last thing Cleveland will be accused[...]
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One thing that everybody agrees about Apple is that they have slick designs, and nice interfaces. With the Slickr, Venzero throws caution to the wind and emulates the Apple iPod Touch almost identically. With one big caveat that the screen isn't actually touch based, with the player being[...]
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Things are always changing. Whether it's realizing that the small town you came from now has a Starbucks and a mess of big-box retailers, or just getting a new haircut, the world is in flux in a million tiny ways. One has to imagine, then, that when Rival Schools returned to the post-hardcore[...]
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Personnel: Nocturnal Cult (vocals, strings); Fenriz.If Darkthrone's modus operandi has always been one of appreciating the simple things about black metal -- growling voices, big riffs and a perfectly impenetrable logo unless you squint -- there's something to be said about their dedication[...]
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Recording information: Art of Ears.Photographer: Steve Z.It would be hard for Big Wig to not be pigeonholed as "Jessie Michael's from Operation Ivy's new band!" considering that his voiced hadn't changed after the release of "Energy." But one thing "Expansive Heart" has going for it is a[...]
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In the early-to-mid 1970s, Tom Petty's band Mudcrutch was one of the biggest things in Gainesville, Florida, but when they went to L.A. to make it big, only about half the group survived the transformation to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Three decades later, Petty decided to go back to his[...]
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