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Microsoft Office is an office suite from Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X operating systems. Along with core office applications, it includes associated servers and web-based services. Recent versions of Office are referred as "Office system". Office was introduced by Microsoft in 1989 on the Mac, with a version for Windows[...]
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Order Gifts to your loved ones for New unique office gifts. Mirraw have huge types of gifts at reasonable prices. Hassle Free Returns. 
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Microsoft Office 2010 is an office suite for the Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows XP operating systems. Geared mainly for enterprise-level consumers seeking collaboration features, Office 2010 builds from previous generations via the introduction of extended file format support and an updated user interface. In[...]
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Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac is a middle-end collection of business software. It is designed to bring the programs of Microsoft Office 2008 from Windows onto the Mac. It features compatibility with documents from Windows, and Smart-Art templates. Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac features 100%[...]
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Relieve tension and release the stress with these reclining office chairs! Long hours sitting in an office can affect muscles and circulation in the back and legs. Changing positions frequently, even if only briefly, can make your day less stressful and more productive. This rich looking office chair recliner is designed to do just[...]
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The Kodak ESP 2170 is worthwhile if you run a small business and need a low-volume printer that can output high-quality snapshot photos, but bigger offices and Mac users should keep shopping. Summary: Plus: The Kodak ESP Office 2170 proves to be a capable home office performer, with an[...]
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TheLEGO Harry Potter Dumbledore's Office is a playset that recreates a scene from the world of Harry Potter. This set creates a multi-level play area resembling Dumbledore's office, and can be connected to other Harry Potter LEGO sets. It includes figures of Professor Dumbledore, Professor[...]
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From the Manufacturer NeatScan™ To Office adds scanning to Microsoft® Office including Excel®, Outlook®, Word, andPowerPoint® by installing a scanning toolbar in each application. You can transform receipts into Excel expense reports, business cards into Outlook contacts, text and images[...]
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The Western Digital My Book Office Edition model is a mid-grade external USB 2.0 hard drive. It is designed for both in-home, and business use. The Office Edition hard drive is about the size of an average paperback book and will take up about the same amount of space. It features an available[...]
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StarOffice is Sun Microsystems' proprietary office suite software package. It was originally developed by StarDivision and acquired by Sun in August 1999. The source code of the suite was released in July 2000, creating a free, open source office suite called; subsequent versions[...]
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