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Priced at $149 and packed with eight drivers, the Logitech S715i portable speaker for iPhone and iPod hits a sweet spot for price and sonic performance. Of course, its sculpted, backpack-worthy design doesn't hurt its score either. In fact, the S715i is such an all-around slam-dunk, we can't[...]
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The Logitech S715i is a portable iPod/iPhone speaker dock that diverges from the traditional trend of using smaller drivers coupled with a smaller battery. Instead the S715i uses more drivers and a stronger battery. In particular, it houses 8 custom-designed, laser-tuned speaker drivers[...]
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In the sea of affordable, forgettable iPod speakers, the Logitech S715i is a beacon for those who prefer their music to sound great. Summary: Plus: The Logitech S715i portable speaker for iPhone and iPod uses eight drivers to deliver audio performance that is far beyond its price range. Minus:[...]
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