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Live Presentations is a web-enabled presentation authoring application that can be used either as a software on your desktop or as a service within any browser.
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Gordon Mumma.Personnel: David Tudor (bandoneon); Robert Ashley (piano); William Winant (percussion).Recording information: 1963-1985.In the late 50s, Gordon Mumma was one of the earliest practitioners of live electronic music performances. This disc collects five pieces, four from the mid-60s and one from 1985, presented in reverse[...]
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The Wedding Present: Keith Gregory (bass guitar); Peter Solowka, Shaun Charman, David Gedge.Personnel: David Gedge (vocals, guitar); Mike Stout, Peter Solowka (guitar); Shaun Charman (drums, background vocals).Additional personnel: Mike Stout.Audio Mixer: Mike Stout.Liner Note Author: Shaun[...]
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With this 2006 release, the Christian pop/rock group Sonicflood offers up its second live album (the first being 2001's SONICPRAISE). In addition to concert versions of fan favorites such as the buoyant "Open the Eyes of My Heart," GLIMPSE presents two new studio tracks by the amiable[...]
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Take 6: Alvin Chea, Cedric Dent, Joey Kibble, Mark Kibble, Claude McKnight, David Thomas.Recorded live at the Blue Note, Tokyo, Japan on October 4, 5, & 6, 1999.One of the great joys of this largely a capella sextet is that while the message of Christ is at the center of everything they do, their spiritual presentation never comes across as[...]
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For 35 years, Allen & Heath has designed truly innovative mixers for the real world and has earned its enviable reputation for superior performance, functionality and build quality. Building on the success of the industry-standard GL2200, we are proud to present the new 4-bus, dual-function[...]
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C'ETAIT ICI is a two-disc budget-priced 2002 live recording by contemporary composer Yann Tiersen that features 29 tracks and includes "Rue Des Cascades," "L'homme Aux Bras Ballants," and "Crise."The double-disc set C'¿tait Ici presents Yann Tiersen live in concert, performing highlights from his five studio albums and his score for the French[...]
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How do you make superb picture quality even better? Add the Live Color Creation backlight system to this 46"1 BRAVIA™ XBR® LCD Flat Panel HDTV. For superior sound, tune into the TruSurround XT™ audio technology, along with digital audio enhancement and amplification. Whether you're watching sports, movies, TV or even a presentation direct from[...]
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The Bose 901 speakers are a Direct/Reflecting Speaker System, They are the flagship speakers of the Bose line, Bose claims that the 901's create a mix of direct and reflected sound present in a live performance which brings out the emotion of the music. The speakers come in two colors, black[...]
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Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks and Soloing by David Barrett covers a variety of subjects including heads, hooks, bridges, unison playing, harmony playing, instrumental song construction and comping. The jam tracks present songs just as they would be performed live or on a recording. Guest artists[...]
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