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Bunny Sigler's Keep Smilin' LP was rush-released to capitalize on the fast-breaking (fast-selling) title track single. Several tracks on Keep Smilin' were first included on That's How Long I'll Be Loving You released earlier that year. The Philly soul singer/songwriter/producer was trying to[...]
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Composer: Vini Reilly.The Durutti Column: Vini Reilly (vocals).Personnel: Helen Farley-Jones (vocals); Ben Roberts (harmonica, clarinet).If Tempus Fugit pictured Vini Reilly returning to a stripped-down creative womb, Keep Breathing is his Technicolor rebirth. Back are the beats, the samples, the infinite guitar effects, and a more expansive[...]
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The Republic Tigers: Adam Mcgill, Ryan Pinkston, Marc Pepperman, Justin Tricomi, Kenn Jankowski.The Republic Tigers.Producers: The Republic Tigers; The Republic Tigers.Engineers: The Republic Tigers; The Republic Tigers.Audio Mixer: Mark Needham.Editor: The Republic Tigers. Specification[...]
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Full performer name: Bombay Jim & The Swinging Sapphires.Bombay Jim & The Swinging Sapphires: Bombay Jim Porcella (vocals); Jon Wheatley (guitar); Arnie Krakowsky (tenor saxophone); Dick Lowell, Jeff Stout (trumpet); Jeff Galindo (trombone); Tom La Mark, Matt Richards (piano); Mark Carlsen (bass); Gary Johnson (drums).Recorded at PBS,[...]
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Will Young was growing up. It had been three years since his unexpected win on the first season of Pop Idol and even at the time of his second album, Friday's Child, he had stated his intention to distance himself from the moniker of being a TV reality show winner, especially as the careers of such winners tended to be notoriously short. So[...]
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Personnel: Isaiah Sharkey (guitars); The Nashville String Machine (strings); Floyd Thomas, Quadrius Salters (piano, keyboards); Michael Taylor (organ); Brent Easton, DeShaughn Boyd (drums).Producers: James D. Robinson; Michael Taylor; Ricky Dillard; Rodney Taylor.Audio Mixer: Paul Salvo[...]
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This 2003 release from ex-Duran Duran singer Stephen Duffy and his group The Lilac Time includes 12 tracks.Composer: Stephen Duffy.Stephen Duffy: Claire Worrall (vocals); Melvin Duffy (pedal steel guitar); Nick Duffy (banjo); Brett Shearer (double bass); Stephen Duffy (bass guitar); Keir Milligan (drums).Despite some solo success in 1985 with[...]
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Product Description This two slice toaster has a slim, versatile design that even fits gourmet bread. It delivers fast toasting with a 1000 watt heater. Smart functions include frozen bagel, frozen toast, bagel and cancel.
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Hajj and umrah are journeys which almost all of Muslims from round the world perform at least one time in their lives. Hajj is recognized as one of the five pillars of Islam. Umrah is also regarded as one of many kinds of worship in Islam and regarded as extremely worthwhile. Although a sizable[...]
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