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As the less-gifted sibling of Apple's celebrated iPhone, the iPod Touch has had to work hard to prove itself. Now in its second generation, Apple has finally given the iPod Touch a chance to shine by lowering its price (an 8GB model now runs $229), improving the hardware, and practically[...]
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The TomTom car kit for the iPod touch is exactly what it sounds like: a mounting kit for having your iPod touch in the car. The EasyPort dashboardmount charges your iPod touch while you drive, and also has a built-in GPS receiver, meaning your iPod touch becomes a mobile navigation device. This[...]
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SlimFolio for iPhone and iPod touch - Navy Patent. Compact folio-style case for iPhone + iPod touch; Protect and carry your iPhone or iPod touch in a stylish folio case with soft microfiber lining; Toss iPhone or iPod touch in your bag knowing it's protected; Total access to dock connector for[...]
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The Apple iPod Touch was announced in an event hosted by Steve Jobs on September 5th, 2007 along with the release of all the next generation iPods. The Touch borrows a lot of the technology found in the Apple iPhone and repurposes it as a standalone portable media player. The iPod Touch[...]
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The 2nd generation iPod Touch improves on the original iPod Touch with a slimmer formfactor and built-in speaker. The same innovative touchscreen is the biggest asset to the iPod Touch, although volume buttons are available for easy access on the side. The updated version has easy access to the[...]
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The iPod Touch is the best iPod yet, offering all the fun of the iPhone experience without a carrier contract or monthly bill. Summary: Plus: The fourth generation of Apple's iPod Touch offers nothing but improvements, including an HD camcorder, front-facing camera, integrated microphone,[...]
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Protect your 2nd-generation Apple iPod touch from bumps and scratches with this case that features polycarbonate material and a play-through design for easy access to the display, sensors and controls without having to remove your iPod touch from the case.
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Apple's latest version of the iPod Touch hasn't changed dramatically from the version first introduced in 2007, but the rest of the tech world has. It's now the age of the "app," the iPad, and smartphones both big and small. The iPod Touch shouldn't apologize for being Apple's "iPhone without a[...]
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The Apple iPod Touch 3rd-Gen is visually identical to the 2nd generation of iPod Touch, the differences are all on the inside. Its has been updated to match the iPhone 3GS including a new 833MHz ARM-Cortex 8 processor. The price for the new power is a drop in battery life, from 36 hours to 30[...]
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If you find yourself dazzled by the Web, video, and music capabilities of Apple's iPhone but can't stomach the contract commitment, the iPod Touch might be just what you're looking for. Offered in 8GB ($299), 16GB ($399), and 32GB ($499) capacities, the iPod Touch is a premium-priced device[...]
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