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iPad 2  The iPad 2 is the second generation of the iPad, a tablet computer designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It serves primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games, and web content. Its size and weight fall between those of[...]
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TheiPad DODOcase is a simple cover for the Apple iPad that resembles a classic Moleskine journal. Using traditional book binding techniques, this basic folio holds the iPad steady using a carved bamboo bracket that still gives you full access to all of the iPad functions and ports. The black[...]
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The Clamcase iPad Keyboard is an iPad accessory that can transform an iPad into a netbook. Weighing only 1.8 lbs (including the attached 1.6-lb iPad), the ClamCase is essentially an iPad case with a built-in Bluetooth keyword. A user merely snaps his/her iPad into the case, and then starts typing. Unfortunately there is no release, which means[...]
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Protect your iPad or iPad 2 in style with this durable, black synthetic-leather folio. Converts into a multi-position stand to hold your iPad in landscape mode. Features a built-in wireless Bluetooth keyboard with spill-proof, tactile iPad specific-keys. Case has a camera opening and full access to ports and controls. For Use With: iPad; iPad[...]
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TheClamCase for iPad 2 is a Bluetooth-enabled case/keyboard that essentially turns your iPad 2 into a netbook. Much like the ClamCase for the original iPad, theClamCase for iPad 2 offers a full keyboard with a protective casing, iPad-specific control keys and built-in rechargeable battery. TheClamCase for iPad 2 does, however, offer some[...]
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The Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover has been designed to use with Apple iPad 2 to provide protection, improve positioning of your iPad 2 and to make your iPad 2 more personal to you. Available in 10 colours and 2 materials, this sleek cover enhances use without adding bulk or weight to your device.[...]
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Priced to compete with Apple's Bluetooth keyboard, the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad is a similarly shaped, well-functioning writing tool with a twist: its case doubles as an iPad stand. Summary: Plus: The Logitech Tablet Keyboard for the iPad has a sturdy feel, iPad-specific control[...]
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Apple iPad Keyboard Dock features an iPad charging dock and a standard, full-size keyboard that also has special keys that provide access to iPad-specific features and functions. Its design features a rear dock connecting port for the USB Power Adapter, allows syncing to the computer, as well as connection to accessories such as the iPad[...]
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The Grip Vue for iPad is a sleeve-style case from Belkin that is designed to fit Apple's iPad. The sleeve differs from Belkin's other Grip iPad cases since it is constructed with a thin TPU exterior that is slightly transparent, allowing the iPad screen to show through. The TPU makes the case[...]
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