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Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based drawing program for print and web developed and marketed by Adobe Systems. The latest version, Illustrator CS4, is the fourteenth generation in the product line. Numerous new features include multiple artboards in a single document, a "blob brush" that is[...]
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Personnel: Jim Putnam (vocals, guitar, piano); Be Hussey (vocals, electric guitar, bass guitar); Stevie Treichel (vocals, drums, percussion).Recording information: Comp-NY; The Phase4 Intergalactic Recording Facility.What's that old clich¿ about "the more things change"? The Radar Bros' sixth[...]
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Illustrators: Jan Kruse; Carl Harris.Clockwork Menagerie collects 14 assorted isan tracks from various singles, split releases, and compilations released between 1996 and 1999. It's a varied listen thanks to a non-chronological running order. Lush, worldly soundscapes smartly sit alongside lo-fi techno pieces, making it seem that the album was[...]
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Illustrator: Nicola Heindl.Translators: Julien Massardier; Jorge Maldonado.Arrangers: Dougie MacLean; Mary Jane Lamond; Milton Campbell; Teresa Doyle; Dave Francis .Putumayo Kids, an offshoot of the Putumayo clothing company's internationally inspired music label, here presents a relaxing[...]
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Illustrators: Antoon Van Olderen; R.A. Andreas.Photographers: Antoon Van Olderen; R.A. Andreas.With his good looks, energetic stage presence, and intense love of electric guitar (not to mention the talent to use it as more than a prop), Eddie Cochran was the prototypical early rocker in the[...]
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Illustrator: Helen Musselwhite.Photographer: Deidre O'Callaghan.Having won the first series of Sky 1's Must Be the Music, an antidote to the X-Factor, which allowed entrants to use instruments and perform their own self-penned material, 27-year-old Emma Gillespie, who records under the guise of[...]
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Illustrator: Matt Burden.A number of trainspotters have been asking themselves the same question when confronted by the multitudes of micro-genres appearing weekly (and often disappearing just as quickly) in modern music, and especially in the DJ/electronica realm: "What, exactly, is grime?" By[...]
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Illustrator: Alberto Seveso.Complete Me is the debut studio album from electro-pop artist Frankmusik. Renowned for his remixes for artists such as Mika, Pet Shop Boys, and CSS, he is also an artist and producer in his own right. Produced by Stuart Price (Madonna, Les Rhythmes Digitales), the[...]
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Illustrator: Rob Zombie.Photographer: Lisa Johnson .Rob Zombie has scored the perfect soundtrack for hip Halloween parties. Calling upon various surf and psychobilly acts like los Straitjackets, Reverend Horton Heat, and Rocket From the Crypt, Zombie has obviously invested great enthusiasm into this project, as have all the participants -- and[...]
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Illustrator: Christian Thompson.Photographers: John Williams ; Richard Wells.It's no easy task presenting a coherent overview of Lee Perry's massive catalog. Between the Upsetter's obsessions, experimentations, and outright oddities; his own cuts, his productions, the instrumentals, and the[...]
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