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Our original review of the Nintendo DS listed only one "bad" characteristic: "Somewhat bulky." Whether it was because of early fan discord or because Nintendo has a propensity to redesign its systems--only the Nintendo 64 seemed to escape the extreme makeover treatment--the aforementioned[...]
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Along with fellow iconoclasts such as Man Man and the Liars, avant gardists Gang Gang Dance grew sideways out of the mid-2000s post-punk revival. Eschewing traditional song structure in favor of a sonic maelstrom of kitchen-sink percussion, tribal chanting, and strangely organic discord, their debut album HILLULAH hews closer to the early[...]
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Recording information: 2004-2005.The U.S. black metal band Xasthur is the brainchild of Los Angeles musician Malefic, who assembles a series of charred, desolate, musical soundscapes of discordant guitars and funereal drumbeats that underpin what often sounds like a chorus of the undead, on[...]
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Contains 1 Bonus Track.Abrasive, but interesting, the Pop Group's debut is perhaps the most succinct summation of their angry and defiant approach to rock & roll. Although at times resembling the discordant funk of fellow post-punk radicals Gang of Four, the Pop Group leave rhythm behind almost[...]
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Canada's Kataklysm is renowned for blinding speed, blistering riff work, and bludgeoning delivery. PREVAIL, Kataklysm's ninth studio effort, is a cold, calculated war machine tempered with a warped sense of melody, both discordant and tuneful, and often luring the listener into a false state of[...]
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