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Dell Vostro 420 is a high performance tower designed for businesses requiring a desktop with options.The standard Intel Core 2 Duo Processor works at 2.53GHz CPU speed, while a total of 3GB of memory can be installed using the two DIMMs slots. The hard drive is basic, 160GB Serial ATA, however[...]
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The Dell Vostro 1700 is one of 3 models offered during the initial release of the first generation Dell Vostro small business series. The 1700 is the largest of the three at 17'', the other two being 14.1'' and 15.4''. The Vostro 1700 is based on the Inspiron 1720's casing design; the main[...]
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The Dell Vostro 1500 is targeted for small and medium businesses like the smaller 1400 series, but with a larger display and more upgrade options. The Vostro 1500 Enhanced Graphics & Software package easily matches Dell's high-end XPS M1530 gaming laptop specs and components with the right[...]
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The Dell Vostro 1720 has one of the largest screens available out of the Dell Vostro line, and has the same general customizable price range as the rest in the line. Some of the options include visual enhancements, such as the NIVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS graphics card, or processing power, such as[...]
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The Dell Vostro 1520 is a highly customizable, relatively inexpensive member of the Dell Vostro line. It is an ENERGY STAR rated device that is designed specifically for the needs and requirements of small businesses. There are several optional services the consumer can sign up for to provide[...]
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The Dell Vostro 1320 starts out at a cheaper price than its sister product, the Dell Vostro 1220, but has a variety of customizable options that up the price to be a little less affordable. It comes with a few extra service packages for consumers who don't want to worry about what might happen[...]
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The Dell Vostro A90 is a lightweight netbook that comes with an inexpensive linux option. The Ubuntu Linux Package is almost a hundred dollars cheaper than the other two options that come with Windows XP, making the laptop one of the cheapest on the market of its peers. The Dell Vostro A90[...]
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The Dell Vostro 3550 is a business laptop that offers a larger 15" 720p display versus the 14" 3450, but is otherwise an exact duplicate. Like its peers, it builds from past year Vostro laptops by using faster RAM for better multi-tasking, improved Sandy Bridge processors for faster processing[...]
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The Dell Vostro 1014 is one of three entry-level notebooks (Vostro 1014, 1015, and 1088) released in late 2009 for business professionals. It features an Intel Core 2 Duo or Celeron processor, up to 4GB of RAM, and a SATA HDD up to 320GB. The only differences between all three are that the 1088[...]
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The Dell Vostro 260s Slim Tower is a basic PC designed for productivity in office environments. This is similar to theDell Vostro 260 Mini Tower, but has a slimmer profile design allowing it to fit into tighter spaces. While some expandability options are lost in this design, most features stay[...]
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