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How it Works is a serach engine for every possible alternative. The knowledge is created on an open basis by its users, which creates a borderless experience and enables every user who visits the page to create content, categorize it and update. The content created is being monitored by a group of deisgnated experts whose task is to ensure a proper quality of the content.
To find an alternative you have to enter any phrase, word, sentence, or whatever you can imagine, and the system will try to find the best fitting alternative on the given subject. You will get a clear list of results including hints on which result might be of most value.
Each subject can be given a (virtually) unlimited list of alternatives. The accuracy of the result is being agreed upon by the users, who can rate the result, but also by certain user actions based on special algorithms which check what knowledge had been of most value to the users, and create search results based on that knowledge.
It's the only place where you can find alternatives for everything.


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