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Creating Alternatives


The creation window will appear. Here, you will go through only one step to create your own alternative page:


  1. Title - here you can enter the Title for your alternative
  2. Category - here you can assign a category for your alternative.
  3. Subcategory – here you can choose right subcategory to your alternative
  4. Article photos - here you can add an image that will act as the Main Photo for the alternative. It will appear, among other places, in searches. Optionally you can upload additional photos inside article body. You can add maximum 8 photos.
  5. Edit article body - here you can add the main body of your article. Numerous formatting options are available for use, such as changing fonts and adding images.
  6. See article preview – here you'll be able to see article preview of the alternative you're creating before finalizing the process.
  7. Confirm – by clicking 'confirm' you finalize the process.



Once you're done, your proposal will be presented to the moderators. If it is considered truthful and correct, it will soon be accepted and added to the site. You will receive an e-mail notification when that happens.


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