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The Ruff Wear Gourdo Dog Toy will keep a dog's attention for hours. It floats, can be thrown a mile, and is made of natural rubber to last years. Fill the Gourdo with treats and your mutt will go nuts. Added from
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The Good Cuz from JW Pet Products is a rubber chewy toy with squeaker for dogs. It is durable, and nearly indestructible by the biggest of dogs. These chew toys come in assorted colors, and come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large that cost $3.99, $5.99, and $9.99 respectively. They are made of hard rubber, have little feet that[...]
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Dog chew toy manufactured forhard biting dogs, made of black tire rubber,hollow treat dispenser in the medular area, certified safe by manufacturer. Summary Minuses: Not very strong, can be pulled apart and swallowed. Swallowing pieces can cause vomitting. Not a safe product, breaks apart very quickly and is not digestable.
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