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The Fusion is aimed directly at midsize sedan stars such as Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima. An all-aluminum 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine will be standard with an optional 3.0-liter V6 available. Both power plants will drive the front wheels and there will be a choice of manual, automatic or continuously variable transmissions.[...]
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The 2005 Acura RL is a powerful and graceful vehicle that provides for a smooth ride, luxury amenities, and a wide variety of gadgets.
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BMW has decided that it will, after all, bring its 1 Series to the American market. The 1 Series is scheduled to appear in Spring of 2008 as a rear-wheel-drive, two-door coupe and convertible. It will use the same chassis as the European 1 Series which was launched in 2005. The U.S. version of this vehicle will be powered by a 3.0-liter inline[...]
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The 2009 Honda Accord Coupe is a reliable car that in the 2.4L configuration will give you 30 MPG on the interstate. When shopping for the Honda Accord, you must test drive a comparable BMW or Mercedes C320 because the ride of these exotic cars is much less comfortable. You will feel better knowing that you saved money getting a real car[...]
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The Toyota Camry Hybrid is all-new for the 2007 model year. The heart of the Camry Hybrid is Toyota's 2.4l Inline-4 cylinder connected to an electric motor that uses the power generated during braking and decelertion phases. The combined output of this powertrain is 187 hp and 38 lb-ft.Gas mileage is rated at 40 mpg city and 38 mpg on the[...]
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The 2007 Honda Accord comes either as a midsize sedan or coupe. These have two body types, the 2-door Coupe and the 4-door Sedan. The engines for these models are the 3.0 liter V 6 with the 2.4 L Inline 4; the major trims are the LX and EX, which have sub-trims –the LX V6, EX-L and EX-L V6. Its power is 1223 kW that delivers 166 hp at 5800[...]
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The F430 hails the arrival of a whole new generation of Ferrari V8-engined berlinettas. Every inch of the car was inspired by the engineering research carried out at Ferrari's Gestione Sportiva F1 racing division. The result is a highly innovative design characterized by cutting-edge[...]
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Citroën has confirmed plans to build the Citroën GT, a two-seat sports car originally created for the virtual world of the Gran Turismo 5 racing simulator for the PlayStation 3. The car will be available worldwide, said Anouk van Vliet, a Citroën spokeswoman. Despite being a volume car[...]
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The Dodge Viper was conceived as a modern interpretation of the classic muscular American sports car. Debuting as a concept in 1989 to huge consumer enthusiasm, everything about the production Dodge Viper was perfectly over the top, including its cartoonish styling, giant 335/35-series rear[...]
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