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Simple Object Storage SOS is an S3-Compatible object storage service. Each file or object stored on SOS is kept in at least 3 copies inside a geographic Zone. SOS is based on the open source pithos project, released by exoscale. API coverage details, as well a in-depth documentation can be[...]
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Ginger is a private group discussion service for communities and distributed/remote business teams.  Features include threaded discussion views, simple filesharing, and post voting.  Ginger is hosted in the cloud and accessible from any web browser.
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Process Street is a SaaS platform that lets non-technical teams create powerful, API driven workflows. The easiest way to document, track, automate and optimize customer-centric processes, we help sales and customer success teams drive revenue and reduce churn.
Alternatives: 5 Comments: 0 Let's you set up a virtual host within a minute; prices are competitive!
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exoscale is a Swiss cloud platform for individuals, developers and businesses worldwide. Launched in 2011, it is operating exclusively from switzerland, with 2 availability zones. it has 2 distincts environments, Open Cloud for elastic cloud computing workloads, with a full featured API and[...]
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Meet Cameratico, a humanized camera recommendation engine. Cameratico translates real world experience into accurate and personalized camera recommendations (and compares prices, too!). Cameratico does the buyer's homework and translates it into an objective and humanized recommendation. We[...]
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Soocial • Easy & Complete Contacts Sync Soocial combines the address books of your phone, computer and online services, gives you online backups and keeps your contacts in sync.
Alternatives: 1 Comments: 0 Plaxo is an online address book and social networking service originally founded by Sean Parker, Minh Nguyen[1] and two Stanford engineering students, Todd Masonis and Cameron Ring.[2] Plaxo, based in Sunnyvale, California,[3] is a subsidiary of[...]
Alternatives: 2 Comments: 0 is a bargain hunting website. Deals, coupons, rebates and freebiesare posteddaily. Deal hunters can search through thousands of valid coupons in the coupon section. Users can submit new deals for placement on the main page as well and receivecredit for their submission. The community is friendly and there is a wide variety[...]
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Droolr is a website where people can share and vote on the latest in gadgets, electronics, and any other items interesting to geeks. Anyone can submit an item they've found on another website and vote on items that others have submitted. Items with the most votes rise to the top of the list. This way, users of the site collectively determine[...]
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