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Shopping list that improves the quality of your grocery shopping by making it easier, faster, and most importantly smarter. It is all you would want out of a grocery list and more. Besides making your shopping a breeze, Listonic provides a wide range of savvy food hacks, smart shopping tips,[...]
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Self hosted code management and collaboration platform with Git, Subversion, and Mercurial. Deveo brings only the best in open source version control, allowing you to create and manage Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repositories in your projects. Choose one of the secure access methods and[...]
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Glip is a conversation platform used by thousands of companies to plan, share and organize work. The result of more than 20 years of research and development in the area of real-time communication, Glip is built with text and video chat at its core and includes file sharing, collaborative task[...]
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My Music Staff is music lesson management software for private music teachers. It allows teachers to centrally manage their schedule, attendance and billing information from a single website. It features a mobile friendly UI, so it works from desktop, tablet and iPhone browsers. In addition to[...]
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Buy it from: offers a Tinder/Swoon mobile dating app clone script with the following features: This is a Mobile Dating App very similar to Tinder or Swoon (The two most successful mobile dating apps right now.) AppDupe Exclusive[...]
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Buy Instagram Clone Script from An Instagram clone photosharing mobile social network is offered as a turnkey script at Internal Mobile Social Network Image Capture Finished Image Filters Image Sharing on Facebook and Twitter along with its[...]
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Hello everyone, hope you can support us at following project!  We are a small group of Austrians - not that happy with the current RSS-Reader variety :-)   Don’t get us wrong, there are currently a lot of different RSS-Reader[...]
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GitHub is a social coding platform. It handles code hosting, documentation hosting, issue tracking, project Wikis, and a project website. (Some people even use for their personal blogs).The "social" aspects come in because you can "follow" users or projects, and you are encouraged to "fork"[...]
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Peopledock is an enterprise social and collaboration platform for businesses ... 
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