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Email made easy & beautiful. Manage multiple accounts with the best email client for Windows
Alternatives: 1 Comments: 0 is a solid disposable email provider. Make up any address on the fly and it will be created when mail arrives. You can then check the mail and forget about it! Disposable email is perfect for those times when you need an email address to sign up for something but don't[...]
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See to compare between the free Postbox Express and Postbox. Postbox Express is no longer under development.
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Claws Mail, formerly known as Sylpheed-Claws, is a free, GTK+-based, open source email and news client. It offers easy configuration and an abundance of features. It stores mail in the MH mailbox format and also the Mbox mailbox format via a plugin. Claws Mail runs on both Windows and Unix-like[...]
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Lotus Notes provides integrated collaboration functionality, including email, calendaring, contacts management, to-do tracking, instant messaging, an office productivity suite (IBM Lotus Symphony), and access to other Lotus Domino applications and databases.Lotus Notes can also be integrated[...]
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SpamAid is a spam filtering plugin for MS Outlook. SpamAid uses built-in algorithm of message filtration, which is based on Bayesian approach of defining whether a message is spam or not. Auto-learning increases the filtration accuracy by analysis of user's personal correspondence. The more a user works with the program, the better is the[...]
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Email client included in Apple Mac OS X.
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Outlook Express is an e-mail/news client that was included with several versions of Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows 98 through the release of Windows XP. Outlook Express was also bundled with Internet Explorer 4.0, and available for Windows 95 and Mac OS 9. In Windows Vista, Outlook Express is replaced with Windows Mail. Windows Live[...]
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Sendside is a communication platform that uses an ultra-secure fully encrypted network that eliminates spam and phishing and is designed to send information that is currently only sent via paper due to emails security and functionality shortcomings. Sendside is is a web-based software that allows you to login from anywhere you have an internet[...]
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Taroby is a SaaS based messaging and collaboration suite inbox that enables sharing of email accounts among team members. The unique concept of 'Team Inbox' makes Taroby an excellent enterprise collaboration suite for enterprises. Taroby is an effective tool for CEO's and entrepreneurs to manage multiple departments or manage multiple projects[...]
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