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Needora ( is an innovative reverse marketplace where you can post what you need to buy and sellers will offer you the best price. You can see an introductory video at: and know more about this site at :[...]
Alternatives: 1 Comments: 0 Online marketplace for selling digital downloads. Create a store and sell directly files to your potential customers.
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App that allows you to sell digital files online.
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Visitlead Visitlead connects your company with your website visitor. Interact and communicate with them - in realtime! Visitlead improves the quality and effectivity of your service and also opens completely new chances  for sales! Basically, every visitor on your website is a highly[...]
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Zopim live chat.
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Smartsupp is a smart live chat for e-commerce. It's localized in French, German, Polish, Russian and Czech. Smartsupp enables you to communicate with visitors on your website in real-time. It's a new way of communication between businesses and customers on the web. Boost your conversions and[...]
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Ecommerce sites like Amazon are constantly changing their price points through a process called dynamic pricing. Just check out any of the popular products on Amazon to see how often they change! BuyHappy is proud to introduce a process by which consumers can fight this: dynamic shopping.[...]
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This is another way to buy or sell Things online.
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osCommerce Online Merchant
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