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Email made easy & beautiful. Manage multiple accounts with the best email client for Windows
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This extension allows you to backup photos and videos from facebook.It allows you to: download photos from group download videos from group download photos from pages download videos from pages download photos from user profiles download videos from user profiles download album download single[...]
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WordPress has open the doors of modernizations and creativeness in website design and development. Nowadays, millions and millions of websites are being powered by popular WordPress CMS and blogging platform. WordPress enhanced website capabilities and are competent enough in helping great[...]
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Batflat was created as a lightweight alternative to heavy and outdated CMS', such as WordPress. Many people use complex solutions for simple pages, unnecessarily. Building this content management system, we focused on simplicity - even novice webmaster adapt his template and writes his own[...]
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To enhance your site's activity, you have to build your positioning, or where you appear on the query items page of a web crawler. Utilizing site design improvement (Web optimization) apparatuses can help you move to the highest point of query items, which can lead more individuals to your[...]
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Join communities based on your interests.
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Offers Up to 10 CSS/development related tasks per month for WordPress site owners. Recently acquired by GoDaddy.
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Offers unlimited "small tasks", including plugins, configuration, adding content and images, edits, etc. as well as technical support, marketing advice, and more for one flat monthly rate, with discounts for more than 1 site. Based in North America. Currently offering free web design, hosting,[...]
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Simple & effective solutions for internal communication, task management, customer service, crisis communication & management, large-scale employee advocacy, social selling and more. eeedo - enterprise social network eeedo - omnichannel customer service solution eeedo - crisis communication &[...]
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Agenda Planner 2017-2018, Events and the Best Bookmark Manager https://agendamahala.comĀ  The power of a full yearly planner built for your smartphone, built for your Personal Computer.Start you work at one and finish it at the other. The Best Bookmark Manager Save links on your PC and open[...]
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