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Many people enjoy using a variety of different herbs and herbal supplements, as the stranglehold that big pharma has over many is becoming less and less. Many are turning away from harmful chemicals that promise a lot but deliver a little and are turning towards nature itself and all it has to[...]
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People are entitled to live a healthy life. It is one of their fundamental rights. It includes the right to have access to medical conveniences and medications to treat any diseases that harm their health. Living a healthy lifestyle with no worries from diseases is a gift. In this world,[...]
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The practice of cleaning the mouth and teeth has been known to be completed in different ways, most common of all is tooth brushing. Brushing ones teeth has been a dental care concept for many years. Nowadays, many dental care services are available throughout the world. Companies,[...]
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Excitation Optical Platform The BD LSRFortessa optical layout allows for up to four1 lasers. Laser Power 355 nm: 20 mW 405 nm: 50 mW 488 nm: 50 mW 640 nm: 40 mW Optical Efficiency Power loss at flow cell: Flow Cell Design Rectangular quartz cuvette: Internal cross-section, 430 x 180 μm External quartz cuvette surfaces are anti-reflective[...]
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The Gallios Flow Cytometeris a research system that delivers analytical excellence by coupling extraordinary sensitivity, resolution and dynamic range with high-speed data collection. Along with the unprecedented detection capabilities of the instrument, the Gallios includes easy-to-use software and automation to facilitate superior[...]
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The BD Influx™ fluidics system features a unique acoustical coupling in the nozzle assembly to reliably create droplets for sorting, while ensuring low shear stress to optimize cell viability, even at high pressures. To support aseptic sorting, the fluidics path is easily removed and replaced with the optional disposable fluidics kit. The[...]
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Product Overview: The Guava Personal Cell Analysis (PCA) System is one of the most compact cytometers on the market, with a footprint slightly greater than 1 square foot (31 cm2), allowing it to fit into almost any lab space. Despite its small size, the PCA System is a lab workhorse that displays great robustness and provides precise,[...]
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488nm (blue) Forward Scatter Side Scatter 4 fluorescence parameters Manual (5 mL tubes) Optional automated carousel, 32 tubes, with mixing Excitation source(s)488nm (blue)ParametersForward ScatterSide Scatter4 fluorescence parametersSample handlingManual (5 mL tubes)Optional automated[...]
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405nm (violet) 488nm (blue) 642nm (red) 405nm - 2 fluorescent parameters 488nm - 5 fluorescent parameters, 2 scatter 642nm - 2 fluorescent parameters Manual - 5mL tubes 96/384 well plates (optional HyperCyt upgrade) Available excitation sources405nm (violet)488nm (blue)642nm (red)Parameters[...]
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The Guava PCA-96 System provides automated, higher throughput screening of 96-well microplates or a tray of microcentrifuge tubes. This flexible sample format makes the Guava PCA-96 System ideal for screening in basic research, target validation, assay development, and clinical trials. Like its smaller cousin, the Guava PCA System uses a green[...]
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