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If you are thinking about getting custom tee shirt printing for a wander you are considering, one of the decisions you may have thought of is to look at your decisions. This article will clear up the choices between doing it without any other person's assistance and having a tee shirt printer[...]
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It seems these days all people’s selling t-shirts and, in case you haven’t started already, you might be. Before you jump into the t-shirt business, you might want to take some tips, and we’ve given you to protected. 1. Do your research Make sure you've informed about the garments[...]
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A straight razor is a fixed blade razor, the most common men's razor until the 1950s when safety razors became widely available. Nowadays, many men decide to shave with the vintage razor. However, shaving with a straight razor is dangerous and has a long learning curve. That is[...]
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Waterproof (8000mm)and Breathable(5000g/m2/24hr)bonded outshell jacket. Laser cut and bonded arm pocket with waterproof zippers. Chest pocket with audio port for cd or MP3 player. Adjustable single-hand drawcords at waist. SHELL: 95% Nylon Ripstop, 5% Spandex bonded with Matrix Microfleece, 300 g/m2.
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Carrot & Gibbs was founded in Boulder, Colorado, in 1987. Neil Borin, one of the original owners, knows his bows. You will never see a Carrot & Gibbs tie that has been fashioned out of stacked fabric and cut en masse. Carrot & Gibbs bow ties are created from specially selected imported 100%[...]
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Artist Josh Stebbins lives in Enid, Oklahoma. He enjoys pen and ink, but works with many types of mediums. When not working as a freelance artist, Josh djs at a local club. Preshrunk black graphic design t-shirt. Premium 100% cotton fabric with a soft design touch and quality printing[...]
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Cents started tattooing out of the house in October 1994. Instrumental to his career was an apprenticeship he served at H. B. Tattoo and his mentors Rob Nunez, Bucky Crispin, Jeremiah Thomas, and Yutaro Sakai. Preshrunk white tee. Premium 100% cotton fabric with a soft design touch and quality[...]
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Kali Por Vida, AKA Kali Boy, works alongside renowned tattoo artists Whitney Lenox and Roman at Artistic Element in Yucaipa, California. His work clearly has been influenced by traditional Japanese tattoo art and often features geisha, koi, and oni which are demonic-looking creatures from[...]
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Andre ‘Dre' Perales was born and raised in southern California. Dre loves traveling the United States tattooing, and says: I love tattoos that look like tattoos. That's what Sailor Jerry did… and that's why their art and work has lasted the test of time. ‘Bold will hold' ... Tattooing is[...]
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Leigh Carnachan, known in the tattoo art world as Leighderhosen, is a free hand watercolor and ink artist doing the occasional acrylic piece for exhibitions. Aside from her tattoo work, her designs can be found on t-shirts and canvas around the world. She is based out of Brisbane, Australia.[...]
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