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The MID 806 is an 8-inch Tablet that runs on the Android OS. Summary Pluses: Can sync your gmail account easily. Durable enough that your kids can play with it. Can update the operating system to Android Honeycomb 3.1. Minuses: The touchscreen is not that responsive. Sound quality is poor. APP market is NOT the real android market.
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Mag+ is the most easy-to-use tool for creating & managing digital content on iPad & Android tablets
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Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite is a complete soulution for individual designers, traditional media publishers, ad agencies, and companies of all sizes that want to create, distribute, monetize, and optimize engaging content and publications for tablet devices.
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WoodWing develops software to enable an efficient, multi-channel publishing process. Our products are used by publishers of any kind and size to publish static, dynamic and interactive content to print, Web, social media, mobile and tablets.
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With the iThunder, you'll get crisp, clean sound and powerful, undistorted bass. The unit can run on 8 standard or rechargeable batteries so you can take your iThunder to the court, the beach or your driveway. And if you prefer, just plug it in with included power cord! The included wireless[...]
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The Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor is a mid-cost e-book reader. The seven inch VividView Color Touchscreen, a1024x600 resolution backlit display, uses more than 16 million colors, and is designed to be conducive to night as well as day reading. The NOOKcolor's LendMe app allows you tolend and borrow books from friends, as well asshare passages and[...]
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Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch has been updated since its June 2011 release with an improved operating system, lower price and longer battery life. New features include Breakthrough E Ink display which loads pages 25% faster than previous readers and Best-Text technology, both of which combined provide greater detail and a paper like look[...]
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Outed by a sneak peek at a Wall Street Journal advertisement a day before its supposed release, the Barnes & Noble Nook is an ebook-reader allegedly based on Google's Android operating system. In addition to a monochrome e-Ink screen for reading it will have a colour touch-screen control surface occupying the bottom 20% of the main surface. On[...]
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The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet is the newest e-reader from their Nook series. Its design is very similar to its predecessor, the Nook Color, and the two readers share a number of features. Like the Nook Color, the Tablet has a 7 inch VividView IPS touchscreen displaying 16 million ultra-bright colors, providing minimal glare and maximum[...]
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Sony in the beginning of the year  has lowered the price of Sony Tablet S  for about $100. Sony Tablet S now costs in the official store $ 399 (about 1400 gold) and the same is just about the $ 100 cheaper than the iPad 2. But it seems that now the situation has changed dramatically. In[...]
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