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Online Marketplace Software by Rademade is a marketplace package solution for launching MVP of marketplace which can be used for rental, tutoring, retail - a whole variety of industries and types of products.  It was written on Ruby-on-Rails/Angular4 code which can withstand high user traffic[...]
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Fast and Secure Web Remote Desktop client to access Windows desktops & applications hosted on terminal services, virtual & physical machines. WEB REMOTE DESKTOP SERVER / GATEWAY Delivering the best performance of all available RDP HTML5-based clients, Thinfinity® Remote Desktop Server[...]
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Scan Tailor Experimental is maintained by the original author of Scan Tailor, Tulon.  Tulon fell away from the main project in 2014 or so after loosing interest.  His most current builds are available at his github:
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Description: Binfer is a direct device to device secure communication and data transfer platform. It includes File Sharing, Sync, Web Drop, Communication and Private Cloud products. User data is never stored on any third-party servers. Products: File Sharing: Send large files like HD video,[...]
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People nowadays started believing that dating apps and online dating sites are the social way to seek your soulmate. Some peoples are into meet new peoples and fewer are into a serious relationship status to find their better half.   Did you know that tinder clone app is one among the high[...]
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Start your business using by Ready made apps.Launch your dream project on making a Chat clone app.For example: Instagram,whatsapp,tinder,badoo,facebook and etc  Source -
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Macpaw Gemini 2 is a decent duplicate finder can help Mac users find and remove duplicate files quickly and easily. 1. It detect duplicate files by file name and contents.2. It can find and spot similar files especially similar images.3. Support iTunes and iPhoto app.4. Smart clean let users[...]
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Zoechat is a unique WhatsApp clone app which takes the functionalities of Whatsapp to the next level. It encompasses a powerful WhatsApp clone script which augments the existing features of the original app and comes with a plethora of new features not found in the original WhatsApp app.[...]
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Write without distractions with this online notepad. Including a minimalist and responsive design so it could be easily used in small screens. Main features: Text is autosaved to localstorage, so no changes are lost Line numbers Create, open, save file Undo and redo actions Status bar A variety[...]
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QuickBase is a workflow application builder with little or no coding. Great for data-driven apps. Good reporting and data analysis functionalities.
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