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The Arnova Web Radio & TV is a device that is designed to replace the standard FM radio alarm clock, the only offering of its kind from Archos. The radio on this device is streamed from the internet, and you can choose from a variety of preselected stations. There are also a variety of web TV stations and podcasts to choose from, which you can[...]
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TheBang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Encore is a digital music player and photo album that connects hard drives, Mp3 players, iPhones and headphones. The BeoSound 5 Encore has a variety of features including MOTS, a program that matches songs to create a no-touch playlist. TheBang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Encore has a 10.4 inch LCD screen and an aluminum[...]
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The Edge Dock & Play Radio is a satellite radio receiver from the SiriusXM company. Capable of receiving exclusive station data via the "Xtra" channel support service, this model features a large color graphics display for visual content navigation and striking aesthetics. Compatible with the XM 2.0 network, this model allows users to pause,[...]
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