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Programmable graphing calculator that introduces multiple features that were previously known from smartphones, including apps and a touch screen.
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It's a bookmark that once you place it in the book it stays secure. You don't have to do anything until you've finished reading whatever book you've put it in. It keeps your place for you without you having to move it again. It has a spring that saves the page you are on automatically as you turn the page. It's purpose is to keep you from[...]
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Keep important documents secured with a 0.68 cu. ft. safe. Waterproof and fire-resistant file provides 1/2 hr. UL classified fire protection. Features Tubular key lockSilver gray color
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First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Digital Safe The First Alert 2077DF provides a good level of theft protection at a great price. This 1.2 storage capacity safe features a reprogrammable digital lock and includes an emergency override key that can bypass the digital keypad in case of battery failure (4 AA batteries included). This First Alert[...]
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SafeSense Technology automatically stops the shredder from running when touched. Jam proof system with auto-correction prevents jamming the machine and self-corrects when paper is not fed in properly. Electronic auto-start and reverse maximizes ease of use. Large capacity pullout bin ensures easier waste disposal. Fast shred speed improves[...]
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Royal Consumer now offers the 160MX Shredder which is a 16- sheet cross cut. The 160MX will destory CD and credit cards, has a LCD message center and comes with a 28 liter basket. Features Royal Consumer now offers the 160MX Shredder which is a 16- sheet cross cut. The 160MX will destory CD and credit cards, has a LCD message center and[...]
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Everybody loves seals, the barking, slapping, and the amazing way they can balance the most ridiculous objects on their nose. Commemorate this great feat with this desk top pen holder. Using a pair of magnets, one in the red pen the other inside the seal's nose, the pen balances perfectly on the seal's nose. From the way the pen rests on the[...]
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Pictured in combination lock - HNW1049: Features: -Fire safe. -Available in combination or digital locks. -Solid steel construction. -Has been awarded a JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards). -Designed to be used in conjunction with the entry key that can be left in the keyhole using only the combination or digital lock to secure the door, or[...]
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First Alert 2118DF Steel Fire and Anti-Theft Digital Safe The First Alert 2118DF fire safes anti-theft features include steel construction, heavy duty steel hinges, and 4 door locking bolts. The fire safe's electronic keypad lock allows users to program a personal 3 to 8 digit passcode. The digital lock is designed to be used in conjunction[...]
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Stop worrying about protecting your valuableslet this safe do the work for you. To make sure your valuables are safe, this 2.0 cu. ft. safe features an advanced LCD electronic lock system with backlit keypad, programmable PIN access and tubular key lock. But that's not all, it also utilizes seven live-locking bolts. Inside the safe, you can[...]
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