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Features:Play your audio device through your car stereo.Easily change between 20 transmitting frequencies.Requires two AA batteries (not included).On/Off switch helps conserve battery life.. Features Features:Play your audio device through your car stereo.Easily change between 20 transmitting frequencies.Requires two AA batteries (not[...]
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The Samsung S5 is an ultra-light, advanced MP3 player. Although it only offers 4GB of memory space, it still retails at almost $200 due to its wide-range of advanced features, including audio/video playback, audio recording, and picture/text viewers. Plus, unlike many of its MP3 and PMP peers, the S5 includes both a microphone and a sliding[...]
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Announced in late May 2009 after months of rumors, the Zune HD is the next generation Zune MP3 player from Microsoft. Featuring an OLED touchscreen display, HD radio receiver, WiFi and a built-in Internet browser, the device will utilize the latest Nvidia Tegra GPU for HD video output capabilities. The device, tied to Microsoft's current music[...]
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The Samsung Galaxy Player is a portable media player capable of handling a wide variety of audio and video file formats. The unit runs Android OS, providing a simple graphic user interface for the operation and access to the Android App Market. Users can also access a variety of Google Mobile Service applications including Google Search, Maps,[...]
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The iPod nano 6G is like a iPod shuffle that has a screen,and more features.
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The B&W Zeppelin Mini is a miniature iPod/iPhone docking station released in September 2009 as a compact version of the original Zeppelin (2008). It is compatible (play/charge) with classic and nano iPod models AND all iPhone models. The Mini also plays earlier iPod models, but does not recharge them. Its signature component is its digital[...]
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The B&W Zeppelin Air is a premium-grade soundbar / iPod docking station that incorporates Apple's AirPlay wireless technology. This means users can now wirelessly stream content from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or networked computer with iTunes. The interior has also been upgraded from previous generations. There are 24bit/96KHz DACs that[...]
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The B&W Zeppelin is a high-end iPod speaker system. Delivering a total of 100 watts, this oval-shaped set of speakers is constructed with mirror polished stainless steel on the back along with black cloth covering the front side. The included remote control mirrors the Zeppelin's shape; curvy and minimalist in appearance. Inside B&W's Zeppelin[...]
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The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8 is an upscale, luxury-grade iPhone, iPod, and iPad compatible docking station that can either be positioned on a table or mounted. Featured are two conical speakers that can handle a frequency range between 38Hz-24kHz, meaning quality bass and crisp high-frequency details. For further audio enhancement, the system[...]
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This little MP3 player is a powerful device. It conveniently plugs into your car's cigarette lighter - no fussy batteries to mess with - and acts as an FM transmitter to play your favorite MP3s over your car's stereo. Just plug in a USB stick or SD card, and this little unit will play your music on one of 206 selectable FM stations. Also[...]
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