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The Sandisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive is a pretty straightforward alternative to the Maxell AirStash - nearly feature for feature
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From our expanded online assortment; compatible with Apple® iPhone® and iPad® and Android devices; stream music, photos and videos over Wi-Fi or cellular connection; USB and Secure Digital inputs Features From our expanded online assortment; not available in all Best Buy[...]
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The Zephyr 500 is a portable speaker from Spar that offers a step-down from the company's Zephyr 550 model and a step-up from the Zephyr 300 model. Fitted with two custom drivers for balanced 3-watt stereo audio outputting, this model provides up to 18 hours of continuous audio playback via a 1500mA lithium-polymer battery. Incorporating a[...]
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The Zephyr 550 is a mobile speaker from Spar that offers a step-up from the company's Zephyr 500 model. Providing up to 30 hours of continuous music playback via a rechargeable 3000mA lithium-polymer battery, this model features two custom stereo drivers for a total power handling of 3 watts. Capable of streaming music up to 33 feet through[...]
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The USBConnect Velocity is AT&T's first GPS enabled USB modem capable of transmitting data at up to 7.2Mbps on a 3G network. Released in March 2010 along with the USBConnect Turbo, these modems are free from AT&T with the purchase of a two year data plan, offering access to more than 20,000[...]
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TheLogitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad is, as the name suggests, an attachable keyboard/case accessory designed specifically for the iPad 2. It features a full-sized foldable design, Bluetooth connectivity and automatic sleep/wake. Additionally, theFold-Up Keyboard sports compatibility with the Apple Smart Cover, USB charging and essential[...]
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TheIon iCade is a casing/housing combined with a traditional arcade console layout designed specifically for use with the iPad. It features a full-sized, arcade-style joystick and eight full-sized buttons as well as a high-quality iPad cradle designed to provide a secure fit. Additionally, the iCade sports Bluetooth connectivity as its means[...]
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The Crux360 is a special iPad case that transforms one's iPad with a laptop. Designed to mash iPads with the concept of a netbook, the 360 features a full Bluetooth keyboard that can be used to operate one's iPad. But the case can in fact used in one of four ways. In laptop mode, the iPad is placed on it in a way so imitate a laptop, which[...]
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The Logitech Speaker Stand for iPad is a multi-functional accessory designed and certified to work with the Apple iPad. It acts as a stand, media speakers, and a charging station for the table. In the stand is a pair of 1.5 inch stereo speakers with an RMS output power of 6 watts. Even though is advertised to be an iPad specific accessory, the[...]
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The Clamcase iPad Keyboard is an iPad accessory that can transform an iPad into a netbook. Weighing only 1.8 lbs (including the attached 1.6-lb iPad), the ClamCase is essentially an iPad case with a built-in Bluetooth keyword. A user merely snaps his/her iPad into the case, and then starts typing. Unfortunately there is no release, which means[...]
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