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SoundSeeder is an Android application to listen to music on multiple devices in sync Android devices and Windows/Linux PCs, including the Raspberry Pi can be used as wireless speaker, to share Music with friends or to build a cheap mutli-room audio system. Supported music sources are: Audio[...]
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Sized larger than any flat panel display currently available, Mustang's Electric Projection Screen displays larger images crisp, vibrant and clear. This screen easily installs to a wall or ceiling, and automatically scrolls up and down with its remote or switch.
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Miller and Kreisel invented the subwoofer in the early 70's. The VX-4 is a sealed box design with a 12" driver.
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The Sanus NF24 is a 24" high speaker stand designed for small to medium sized bookshelf speakers. It is made with an MDF pillar, MDF base, and 7.5" x 7.5" steel top plate. It includes both carpet spikes and screw-in polyester pads for any type of flooring. It also includes your choice of brass speaker studs or neoprene speaker pads for speaker[...]
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Ratio is one of four 2XL wearing styles and comes in seven different color patterns, all available at an affordable price. Summary Pluses: Looks very similar to the original Apple iBuds. Available in a variety of colors. Excellent price point. Minuses: Will fall out if you use them while exercising. Can fall apart after extended use. Not as[...]
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The Aperion Intimus Outdoor Speaker features a bass adjustment control and a dual-voice coil woofer that lets you fine-tune the bass with a flip of a switch. Housed in a weather-resistant enclosure.Available in Alpine White or Satin Black.
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Med-sized indoor/outdoor speaker system that combines quality and durability, and provides a wide variety of installation options
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Versatile Outdoor speaker that combines quality and durability, and provides a wide variety of installation option.
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Larger sized outdoor speakers, ideal for public installations or Large patio's and back yards. Combines quality and durability, and provides a wide variety of installation options.
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The 3-way bookshelf V44 speakers are ideal for both music and home theater. Speaker enclosures and screen grilles are Weather Resistant for outdoor use. Video shielding, built-in power protection, higher power handling & larger cabinets for improved bass are advantages compared to the 43-2. The V44-2 also includes wire & mounting brackets.
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