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The ReadyNAS 3200 is a 2U 12 bay storage system designed for businesses needing high quality cost effective data storage capacity. ReadyNAS unified architecture solves numerous data management problems with a single system making worries about unstoppable
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The HP TouchSmart 620 is an all-in-one computer combining the functionality of the desktop computer with the intuitive ease of use of touchscreen technology. This TouchSmart 620 model is very similar to the HP TouchSmart 610 but with the added benefit of 3D technology to enhance movie watching, game playing or photograph taking using the[...]
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The DL165 G5 is an ultra-dense rack server node for High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, web serving and cost-conscious server deployments. It targets medium size businesses and web 2.0, especially businesses transitioning to rack-mount environments. It comes at the low-mid range of[...]
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IBM BladeCenter HS21, released in 2007,is a high-density blade server supported in all IBM BladeCenter chassis. It comes in the low range of the IBM BladeCenter server portfolio. High-density means that a lot of CPU power is packed into a small compact blade which has all the properties of a[...]
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Combining concentrated 1U compute power, integrated Lights-Out management, and essential fault tolerance, the DL360 is optimized for space constrained installations. Quad-core and Dual-core Xeon processors, DDR2 Fully Buffered DIMMs, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and PCI Express technology provide a high performance system ideal for the full[...]
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The HP ProLiant ML310 G5p Series is an affordable line of single processor tower servers offered by HP that is engineered to meet the needs of corporate small sites. With processor power from single-core Celeron to quad-core Xeon, and industry-leading management and essential data protection[...]
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HP ProLiant DL385 G5p Series is a server machine that was released in January 2007. This machine is suited for virtualization, which is an aspect of cloud computing. It has large internal storage capacity for everything from web applications to databases. It is also suitable for connection to[...]
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The IBM BladeCenter® LS21 is a server for general-purpose applications. It comes a the low-mid range of the IBM BladeCenter servers portfolio. Its selling point is efficiency:reduced power consumption and enhanced energy efficiency without much compromise performance, it offers 20% lower[...]
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The DL165 G5p is an ultra-dense rack server node for memory intensive High Performance Computing (HPC) environments, web serving and large memory footprint server deployments, meaning its targeted for consumers who have a lot of data to track and save. It comes at the high-mid range of theHP[...]
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