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If i.toad.u If I toadu tha’ “I love ya!” Every single day Would you tire of hearing it? Or would you tell me to just go away? If I toadu tha’ “I love ya!” In a hundred different ways Would you understand my language? Or would you yell at me and make me stand out in the rain? If I[...]
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polo Ralph Lauren shirts,There is practically nothing extra amazing and however welcoming than walking right into a home in which there is ordinarily a wooden floor. By wooden ground I don抰 show that affordable laminate ground that you just can purchase at a DIY store and set up yourself. I[...]
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Demo is a series of 12 short-story comics each following a different character as they struggle with the extraordinary powers they've been gifted/cursed. Each story is isolated from the other, the only connection being similar motifs and struggles the characters encounter. Even the art changes,[...]
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First released in Japan in 1970, with an official English translation and release by Vertical Incarriving in 2007, Apollo's Song is one of the many classic graphic novels released in the time period by "God of Manga", Osamu Tezuka. The manga explores several scenarios ranging from a futuristic society to an isolated island, all of which have[...]
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"In the sprawling Japanese metropolis of Treasure Town as a Disney-esque corporate empire is slowly gentrifying the darkest of its corners, Black and White live like insane Lost Boys, twin cat-shamans of the city and yin to one another's yang. Black is all action and cruelty, violence and rage; his maybe-brother White is love and magic, wonder[...]
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Collecting the first three volumes of the hugely popular shonen (youth-oriented) manga into one 600-page volume, Viz Media hopes to catch people who were interested in reading the series but intimidated by the large number of books. In the true shonen form of mixing high-action fights with fantastical exploration, One Piece has joined the[...]
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Continuing the immensely popular shonen (youth-oriented) story established in the first three volumes, the second omnibus release packages together volumes 4, 5 and 6 for the price of two standalone counterparts. The now epically-long story continues through its first primary story arc as Luffy and his growing crew battle Captain Kuro's[...]
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Continuing the re-release of One Piece volumes in sets of three for the price of two, volumes 7, 8 and 9 are collected in one 600-page book. These volumes continue the immensely popular shonen (youth-oriented) story of rubber pirate Luffy, his growing and increasingly-bizarre crew, and their dreams of exploring the open sea and discovering[...]
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Viz's re-releasing of hugely popular shonen (youth-oriented) manga One Piece in three volume sets priced at a third less than their standalone costs continues with this release containing volumes 10, 11 and 12. The story continues with the conclusion of the fan-favorite Arlong Park arc, where Luffy and his crew battle against the villainous[...]
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Published in 2000, Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth was the first release by cult-classic cartoonist Chris Ware that saw widespread attention. The book tells the story of the titular Jimmy Corrigan meeting his father for the first time in his adulthood while intermittently showing the events of his grandfather's childhood during the[...]
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