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TheClamCase for iPad 2 is a Bluetooth-enabled case/keyboard that essentially turns your iPad 2 into a netbook. Much like the ClamCase for the original iPad, theClamCase for iPad 2 offers a full keyboard with a protective casing, iPad-specific control keys and built-in rechargeable battery. TheClamCase for iPad 2 does, however, offer some[...]
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The Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad is a premium Bluetooth keyboard designed for the iPad 2. This keyboard also doubles up as a protective case for the iPad. The protective elements are designed by ZAGG, a company well known for their highly durable screen protectors for various mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. The exterior is[...]
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TheFling iPad Joystick is, as the name suggests, a tactile joystick designed specifically for use with the iPad. It features auto-centering and force feedback for a more natural gaming experience and a see-through design, making it far less visible during play. Additionally, theFling iPad Joystick is constructed of a durable resin and includes[...]
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The oStylus Capacitive Pen is an iPad-, iPod-, and iPhone-compatible stylus. Constructed from a single piece of stainless steel coated in a matte finish, the Pen competes with foam-tipped pens designed for easily writing or doodling on a tablet or other touchscreen device. It hosts a solid aluminum handle for an easy grip, a circular nib that[...]
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The PadDock 10 released from SMK-Link makes what is comfortable, more comfortable, and what is easy, easier--that is to say, those who found the iPad a state-of-the art piece of technology for its intuitiveness and ease-of-use will find it complimented by this dock's design. Sitting at a height perfect for accessing from a table or counter,[...]
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The Joby Yogi is a case and flexible stand for the Apple iPad. This is closely related to the Joby Ori design, but uses removable flexible legs. The casing itself is made of a combination of polycarbonate and ABS plastic to protect the iPad from scratches and impact damage, and a rubber bumper along the edges to create a non-slip surface.[...]
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The Joby Ori is a case designed for rugged protection of an Apple iPad. The design provides not only a basic hard covering, but also a stand that will hold the iPad up for easy viewing. This is similar in functionality to the Joby Jogi, but supports itself with fold-out panels rather than rubberized legs. A hard plastic covers the back of the[...]
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The Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad is a Bluetooth wireless keyboard designed to be used with the Apple iPad and iPad 2. In terms of hardware it is identical to the Logitech Tablet Keyboard for Android. It is an island style keyboard much like the ones used on Apple's MacBook notebook computers. The keyboard is powered by four AAA batteries[...]
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TheAT&T Avail by ZTE is an entry-level Android 2.3-based smartphone exclusively available for prepaid use on the AT&T network in the US. It featuresa3.5" HVGA capacitive touchscreen, a 5MP rear camera with video recording and autofocus, and 512MB of RAM. Additionally, the Avail sports 3G data connectivity, WiFi capability and 512MB internal[...]
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The AT&T Quickfire is a messaging-focused phone with a 2.8-inch screen running on AT&T's 3G mobile broadband network. The Quckfire offers a full range of email, text and multimedia messaging options. The interactive touch screen allows you to read messages in portrait or landscape mode. There is a full QWERY keyboard that slides out to give[...]
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