Jun' 11
The Alternative Page

Now let's get started!

This page is the central point of the website. It contains detailed information about the alternative, as well as numerous actions associated with it.

In the beginning you should type the keyword you're interested in, for example, an "ipad".

You'll see two columns. On the left you have all results. On the right the system presents you all  proposed alternatives to your question. 



Then, you have to choose the best result and after that click on the keyword you are interested in.

At the top you can see tabs that let you switch between different versions of the article. Soon, it will be only one version of each article. We are planning to delete the grouping, so creating alternatives will be even easier.

Below, you can vote the article up or down, buttons for linking alternatives, creating your own article,  add alternatives, reporting abuse and comments. You can also sort articles by rank or by views.

On the right you have Multiwidget, where you can: create a new article, follow new people, invite new friends, add your favourites articles, read and send the messagges, suggestions or take notes.

At the bottom of every article are comments where you can add your opinion about  presented alternatives.



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