Mar' 12
The New Alternative Ranking System Is Live

The new alternative ranking system is live. Have you checked it out yet?

Hello, folks!

As we've mentioned before, our devs have been hard at work to make the alternative ranking system more useful and user friendly over the past weeks, and finally we can say they've come up with something really nice. Have you checked it out yet?

The main difference is that now you'll be rating an alternative specifically in comparison to the product whose page you're on, and not that alternative on its own. Each item will have a separate ranking value for each time it's marked as an alternative - may be a good alternative to some items, but not so much to others, after all.

Rank your favourites to recommend them to others!

Added by develucas on on 30 March 2012 at 13:36 Report abuse

finally, i've been waqiting for so long...

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