Mar' 12
New alternative ranking system

Last week our system of alternatives saw a major overhaul, which should provide better user experience to all of you, through an easy to comprehend alternative rating system. Now your actions reflect the value of the alternative given for a specific product.

We constantly work and tinker with Alternative.to, trying to improve both data quality, and your general experience. We have recently released an update to Alternative.to, regarding our alternative ranking system. Now, it should be much clearer to see what is better and why, since you no longer rate something as a whole, you're rating an alternative with regard to a specified product. For example: Firefox can be an excellent alternative for Internet Explorer, but not as good an alternative for Google Chrome.

Once something is added as an alternative, it usually stays there, unless our moderators say otherwise. Of course, you can always send us feedback concerning anything weird or unusual that you come across on our website.

We already have other interesting plans for the future, so stay tuned for more!

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