Oct' 11
Summer Competition Winners!

Hello guys!

Summer's gone and our competition comes to the end.

Thank you to everyone who entered our Summer Competition in August and September.

Goodbye holidays, goodbye sun, flip flops and bikini!

But to celebrate the end of summer we're pleased to announce the 3 BEST winners of The Summer Competition are:

1. naterrr - 1757 total points

2. haneef95 - 575 total points

3. megan - 201 total points

The full list is visible here: http://www.alternative.to/contest/results

Prizes in Summer Competition:

  • First prize winner will receive Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB.

  • Second prize winner will receive Apple iPod shuffle 2GB.

  • Third prize winner will receive Apple Earphones (MB770).

Congratulations to all the Winners!!! You guys are amazing!

The prize packages which will soon be distributed to our winners!

We're planning a new suprise for you soon, so stay tuned !!!

To the happy winners: please, leave your emails below and we'll contact you as soon as possible!


Warm regards,

The Alternative.to Team


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