Sep' 11
Summer Competition Announcement

Dear users,

Of course you know about the Summer Competition which still continues. We really appreciate that you  are so active!

You also have to know that we've improved them just a little bit. We' ve changed an interface and have simplified the rules. Now you have more new opportunities to earn the points and win cool prizes!



All you have to do is to find alternatives!

There are two possibilities: you can create a new articles or propose existing articles previously created by other users from the Alternative.to database.

The Summer Competition articles are marked with a special competition tab. For each created article or proposed alternative ou get some points!


You'll get +2 points for each proposed and +4 for each created alternative.

The more you add, the more points you get and finally the bigger chance of winning the excellent prizes you have.

You can add as many alternatives as you want!

Remember, after you add some data, it will be in a "queue" so you have to wait our algorithms to process it!

Each article and alternative might be rejected if action is not accepted by moderator. You get points for every accepted article or alternative!

What's important, you can earn more points!!! How? It's easy.

You will get 1 extra point for each friend you invite to our service.

You will het 25 extra points if you like Alternative.to Fanpage on Facebook!

You can check your rank and actual ranking by clicking Summer Competition buttin in your Multiwidget at your profile. Your points are also shown next to your avatar.

Who will win ? The best competitiors, who will collect most points will be a winners of the Summer Competition!



First prize winner will receive Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB.

Second prize winner will receive Apple iPod shuffle 2GB.

Third prize winner will receive Apple Earphones (MB770).


A list of winning users will be published on the Alternative.to website until 5 October 2011.

Good luck!!!


Please leave us a comment on the blog or below if you have any questions or comments.


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