Jun' 11

Hello Everybody!

I would like to present our new promo. Hope you guys like it!

Check it out and make sure to spread this video around to your friends, family ... :)

Comment below, help us go viral!


Jun' 11

Now let's get started!

This page is the central point of the website. It contains detailed information about the alternative, as well as numerous actions associated with it.

In the beginning you should type the keyword you're interested in, for example, an "ipad".

You'll see two columns. On the left you have all results. On the right the system presents you all  proposed alternatives to your question. 


May' 11

Let's take a look at searching for alternatives!

How does it exactly  work?

How to search for something?

May' 11

Hi everyone,

We would like to say hello and welcome to Alternative.to!

We are very happy to announce that our search engine for alternatives is ready to use now! Our team have spent a whole year designing and building Alternative.to. Today we take the next step and we hope to get better&better. As we move forward, we will be working on our service. It's necessary to improve quality, speed and value of inormation. We've added some new features and funcionalities, but there is still much to do.

We hope you'll like it and help us to build the new way of searching. Big thanks for all people coming to the site and sharing their knowlege with us. It makes us really happy and we're still wating for constructive feedback from each of  you.

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