Mar' 12

The new alternative ranking system is live. Have you checked it out yet?

Mar' 12

Last week our system of alternatives saw a major overhaul, which should provide better user experience to all of you, through an easy to comprehend alternative rating system. Now your actions reflect the value of the alternative given for a specific product.

Mar' 12

A new ranking is here - vote for your favourite football teams now!

Mar' 12

A new ranking is here! Vote for the best sports car now!

Oct' 11


I have good news for everybody who likes creating alternatives! You have a new feature now!

We've realized that creating articles is too long and takes too much time for you, so to avoid too many steps we've changed it! Now it's easier to create a new article because all you need is to add a title, write or paste your article and select  its category and a subcategory,  optionally you can upload a photo and additional photos (max 8 photos).  All in the only one step!

We would be really grateful if you check that adding new articles works fine.

If you have any suggestion, opinion about this new form of creating articles, be sure to leave your feedback in comments below.

Take care!

The Alternative.to Team

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